Donna O'Dea
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Donna O'Dea is clairaudient (hears), Clairvoyant (sees), Clairsentient (feels) that which lies beyond ordinary senses. Donna will answer your questions to help you resolve issues.

PAST LIVES: Yes, you are "Born Again" . . . And again and again and again! With Donna's help you can travel back to your past lives. The exploration is entertaining, therapeutic, fascinating and personal to the growth of your spiritual journey on earth.

MEDIUM: As a medium Donna can communicate with the so-called dead. Donna can bring healing messages to you and your family from loved ones and spirit guides from the other world. It is her honor to bring the bereaved a measure of clarity, peace and hope of life eternal. She can help you get closure on grief from the loss of a loved one. Often people will come jus to let you know that they are safe on the Other Side.

PROBLEM SOLVING: Donna's unique perspective can bring healing insight to relationships, health, finances . . . and almost anything else that vexes the human spirit. While only you can solve your problems, Donna can help!

GHOSTBUSTING: It doesn't matter what you call it, Donna is good at it!

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